The covid-19 pandemic and its repercussions are still lingering. Please see all we are doing to handle the situation here.

  • We offer curbside pickup for convenience and for individuals who are not comfortable dining in. Please call us at 269-870-7724 to place your order for a designated pickup time slot. We have two reserved 10 min parking (green signs) spots in the front lot for quick curbside pickup.
  • Our patio will be open as long as the season permits. Generally, dinner time temperatures below 60 degrees start to get uncomfortable. We have a few propane heaters and they generate enough heat for one table. Bundle up if you plan to sit outside this fall.
  • Face masks are not required at our restaurant, regardless of vaccination status. They are recommended for non-vaccinated people, but not required.
  • Sanitizer stations are placed strategically throughout the restaurant for our staff and your own use.
  • Our staff regularly washes their hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water whenever handling money, garbage, food, changing gloves, or in other situations that require hand washing. We also may utilize hand sanitizer in the same situations as well.
  • We voluntarily have limited seating indoors. Tables are well spaced outdoors, and we are voluntarily operating at 75% capacity indoors to allow for adequate spacing, more air movement, and good service.
  • We sanitize food and drink menus between each and every use. We regularly clean and disinfect commonly used surfaces each shift.
  • We use MERV-13 filters for our air handling unit. This is the highest grade commercial filter available to us, and removes 85% of particulates that could carry coronavirus.
  • We promise to have staff stay home when sick or showing any symptoms of Covid-19. Staff who have been exposed to a covid-positive person, and are not vaccinated, will still be required to quarantine.
  • Due to limited seating, please keep the length of your visit in mind. We kindly ask patrons to limit stays to 90 minutes. It is possible on a busy night, that we may ask you kindly to leave if you have stayed longer than two hours.
  • The pandemic has greatly impacted the food supply chain. We may substitute or run out of certain food items due to circumstances outside of our control. Please be understanding if this occurs.
  • We will follow any mandatory rules and regulations to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic as the situation develops.